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Our automotive technicians regularly rotate tires and also inspect for mechanical problems. You can check our published specials for discounted prices for parts and for maintenance services.

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Benefits from Tire Rotation Service

Tire rotation is used to increase the number of miles that the tires can be used because the tires will be moved to a different position on the vehicle. The tires are affected by the amount of weight that is being supported by an axle such as the weight of the engine on the front axle. The front tires are used for turning, which will cause the tread to wear away faster on an outer edge than on the center rows of the tread. There are different patterns of tire rotation that are used for different vehicles such as moving the front tires to the rear and then moving the rear tires to the opposite sides of the front of the vehicle.

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Our technicians are certified professionals who have been trained to rotate tires. We are familiar with the mechanical problems that may cause uneven tread such as from worn ball joints or a damaged control arm. A vehicle may have been knocked out of alignment by a pothole, which would have caused the wheel to tilt at an angle that was not perpendicular to the road surface. The tilted wheel would have forced the tire tread to wear away faster on an outer edge than on the center rows of the tread.

The effects from mechanical damage cannot be controlled with tire rotation. If you do not replace damaged parts, then new tires will also have uneven tread that has been caused by the improper position of a mounted wheel. Our technicians can quickly diagnose those problems and then recommend repairs. You can discuss the services with our technicians, which will help you to understand the problems. We are experts who will work on all makes and models.

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We only use OEM parts when we perform repair services such as replacing wheels, tires or lug nuts. Our technicians will perform inspections to detect if uneven tread has been caused by a bent wheel or by an underinflated tire. We will replace the parts with the same kind of original equipment that had been used by the manufacturer. The OEM parts have been designed to comply with the specifications for the vehicle such as for tensile strength or for special edges on a wheel.

A manufacturer will discontinue producing OEM parts after a specific time period, but other suppliers will usually have aftermarket parts. The aftermarket parts could be very different from the original design, which would require that a technician must alter the parts by grinding a tab or by inserting a shim. If the technicians use OEM parts as replacement parts, then those parts should fit perfectly on the vehicle, should be identical to the original part and should also provide the same useful life as the part that had been replaced.